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In order to register on the platform, you should click on the user menu at the top-right corner and then click on “Register”.

If you haven’t received the activation email, please check your Spam/Junk folder. If you still haven’t received it, you can ask for it to be re-sent. Please click on the user menu at the top-right corner, then on “User Login” and then on “Resend activation link?”.

In order to login to the platform, you should click on the user menu at the top-right corner and then click on "User Login".

If you don’t remember your password, please click on the “Forgot your password?” link in the “User Login” page.

If your university has provided you with an access token (it is an 8-digit token) you can enter it in the registration page when you first register to the platform. If you haven't entered it during registration, you can enter it after you login by clicking on the user menu and then on "Enter Token".  This will provide you with free access to the courses your university subscribes to. 

If you have already entered a token, you can still enter another one. The platform allows for multiple token entries.

To access and start a course, click on the course/module title.

In order to navigate in the course please use the course player, like it is shown in the image below:

course navigation

The courses consist of a series of interactive exercises. These are for learning and practice purposes and the entries to these are not saved. At the end of the course, there is a multiple choice quiz. The system saves the highest grade to the end of course quiz.

The courses are assessed by a final quiz. If you pass this quiz, you have passed the course. The system allows for multiple attempts and saves the highest grade.

If you pass a course you will be issued with a personalised certificate that you can save as a PDF.

You shouldn't need to install any special software. We recommend that the courses are viewed in the latest version of your browser. The recommended browsers are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari. In order to view all of the activities in the courses, please ensure that JavaScript is enabled in your browser. To find out how to enable JavaScript, please check your browser. You will also need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view your course certificate.

Yes, you can. All of our courses are available for purchase.

You can view our refunds policy here.

Can't find the answer to your question? Please contact us here.