Developing and implementing a whole-course approach to blended learning


Course introduction

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Welcome to 'Developing and implementing a whole-course approach to blended learning'. The purpose of this course is to build on the 'first steps' that you may have taken by considering redesigning for blended learning on a whole course- or programme-wide basis. The course will look at the design fundamentals for blended learning, particularly at making a plan and engaging with a team to finalise a good approach. This course is designed to focus on practical application to help the participant develop a good understanding of the key elements of a long-term plan for integrating blended learning strategies into their course or programme.

Programme features

If this is the first Blended Learning course you have accessed, or if you need a brief reminder, here is some information on how the screens are organised, and some of the tools and features used throughout the whole programme.

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Portfolio activities

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The Blended Learning programme is designed to support you in developing a blended curriculum, and each course builds on the previous. For this reason we suggest working through the courses in the order presented. However, if you already have some experience of blended approaches and feel that you are better prepared in some areas, you might want to move through the screens and courses in the order that makes the most sense to you. This course on 'Developing and implementing a whole-course approach to blended learning' is of use to those who have already taken first steps to introduce blended learning in their teaching practice, and now wish to develop a blended approach across a whole course.


Download the 'Developing and implementing a whole-course approach to blended learning' portfolio documents and instructions. The portfolio provides space to record your responses to every portfolio activity, in addition to drawing together all of the downloadable documents contained within the programme.