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Academic Integrity: For Students image
The first three modules of Academic Integrity illustrate the key principles and behaviours of academic integrity, and help students incorporate best practices in their work. Modules 4 - 5 explore more complex scenarios and offer practical advice.
Avoiding Plagiarism image
The Avoiding Plagiarism programme is designed to help students understand different forms of plagiarism and what steps they can take to ensure that they don't leave themselves open to accusations of plagiarism – intentional or unintentional.
Learning Online: Essential Skills for Success image
Learning Online: Essential Skills for Success provides an orientation to online learning for higher education students. It explains the skills and qualities required to succeed as an online learner, and helps students to recognise and develop their abilities.
Research as a Transferable Skill image
Twelve courses prepare undergraduate students to engage in original research and scholarship projects. Three further courses help faculty and other stakeholders to support undergraduate research programs within the university.